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The South African National Security Employers Association is the largest employer body in the Private Security Industry. As the leading spokesman for the industry in regulatory, legislative and wage negotiation matters, all companies should consider the benefits of holding membership with our association.

Not only have we become a force to be reckoned with in the fight against punitive legislation, we are also responsible for ensuring that all stakeholders in the industry work together to ensure fair and equitable regulations are put in place. Our goal is to make the private security industry a forerunner in professionalism and dynamic business practices, leading by example in a country emerging on new paths and economics.

  • Our Mission Statement and Code of Ethics provide a basis for SANSEA to be a leading quality assurer in the industry and paid up membership will entitle you to use the SANSEA logo on your letterheads and patrol vehicles thus providing you with an advertisable sign of quality
  • We have appointed a joint Skills Development Facilitator for SANSEA members to make use of at a nominal negotiated fee should you require this service. This is part of an ongoing process to provide our members with value add-ons that are economical and accessible to both large and small companies
  • SANSEA members automatically receive the "Security Focus" publication on a monthly basis

All this aside, the benefits of membership, especially with regard to labour issues that affect us all, will soon become apparent. We invite you to consider applying for membership to our association. In furthering your application for membership, would you please complete and return the enclosed forms together with a payment of R500.00 to cover a "once-off" entrance fee for each company. Please note that should you be able to obtain the support of two current SANSEA members in respect of your application (see second page of application form), your application will automatically be expedited.

It will also help if you could attach a copy of your Security Industry Regulatory Authority registration certificate to your application (as registration with PSIRA is a pre-requisite for membership). We would also require a copy of your registration certificates for UIF, Workmans Compensation and the Private Security Sector Provident Fund.


As in terms of the SANSEA Constitution: Paragraph 20 – Resignation, "Any member of the Association may resign by giving 1 (one) months notice in writing to the National Secretary".

The letters can be addresses as follows.

Steve Conradie
Cell: 082 773 9308

[ Download the Application Form ]